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As you may or may not know, some of the current platform giants are falling, scheduled to be dismantled and gone forever. This change will occur whether you respond to it or not. That does not have to be a problem for you if you move forward with joining Webtalk, inviting your friends, family, acquaintances, business associates, etc and get established proactively.

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Webtalk PAYS YOU to be social. This is what you need to do to be a success with Webtalk Rewards:
1. Login Daily
2. Post fresh content daily
3. Add new connections daily
4. Invite new members daily
5. Spend 30 minutes per day using Webtalk and encourage others to do the same.
6. Go PRO and get the 5-level early adopter bonus
So, the same things one normally does on a social media site only WEBTALK pays you for it, and Webtalk is so much more than just a social media site. Learn more about Webtalk and the Rewards Program:

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