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Jos Family Law will assist you with a wide range of services to help you through the legal processes like Child Support, Child Custody, Mediation, Alimony, and More.

Mediation is a very effective tool to resolve family law disputes without the stress and conflict involved. The procedure includes both parties who try to reach an agreement with the help of a neutral third party, known as the mediator. The spouses may hire their mediator or ask the court for its conciliation services. They can attend their mediation proceedings with or without an attorney.

Our Orange County divorce mediation attorneys can provide valuable legal counsel, help you prepare for the hearing, and review all the agreements reached during the mediation. We have extensive experience in mediation and can help you move on to the next chapter in your life amicably and without undue conflict.

How does Mediation Differ from Divorce Litigation?

Litigated divorces are often contentious, costly, and time-consuming. Mediation offers a way for the couple to resolve their points of differences in a harmonious and amicable setting.

Every divorce involves points of difference between couples, but litigation is only a necessity when they can't cooperate or find common ground. Thus, mediation offers a viable solution to both parties to work with a neutral third party who tries to resolve all issues of divorce in a collaborative setting.

In case the mediation process fails, the matter will be referred to a family court, where a judge will make the final decision after hearing from both parties' representatives.

Professional Mediation Services in O.C.

At Jos Family Law, our Orange County divorce mediation attorneys are all equipped to guide you throughout the mediation process. We can help you understand the best options for your loved ones.

We'll listen to your concerns and devise a mutually favorable solution that benefits both parties. Call (714) 733-7066 and arrange a free initial consultation.

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