Naturally Clean Your Stomach and Intestines With this Powerful Juice Combination

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How to detox your body with a juice combination.

When you look for detox recipes and diets, you will find a lot of information about them. However, not everybody knows how effective detoxification is for helping our bodies function properly.


The detox process is deep and complex, and we need to understand how complex the detox process is and how to naturally detox the kidneys and liver. Excess toxins can make the body suffer due to the fact that we eat industrialised and processed foods.


Besides the buildup of fat, ingesting unhealthy food can cause inflammation and issues in the liver and digestive system. A recent study has shown how our emotions can also affect our organs. 

The elimination of toxins that involve the liver, kidneys, and digestive system is a very sophisticated process. Due to our modern lifestyle, sometimes this function works with reduced capacity.

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So, it is necessary to stimulate this natural ability to eliminate unwanted and useless substances through juices that combine potent ingredients. The following recipe will give you a powerful detox juice with carrots and papaya.

This recipe will strengthen your liver, the organ responsible for filtering and  eliminating harmful substances from the body. You may ask, what is so special  about these two ingredients?

Papaya is known for stimulating the intestine, due to its high amounts of soluble fibre that facilitate the formation and elimination of stool. Papain is an enzyme that papaya contains that assists the digestive system in digesting heavy foods such as red meat.

Papaya also has a diverse range of natural antioxidants that help the liver eliminate toxins easily. Carrots are rich in minerals, vitamins A, B, C, and E, and potent antioxidants that improve kidney and liver function, in addition to preventing different types of cancer.

Another benefit carrots offer is that they help treat constipation, prevent the formation of kidney stones, and cleanse the intestines, eliminating toxins and absorbing nutrients correctly.

When we eat carrots raw, they give us the necessary enzymes to regulate the digestive system. Now that you know how papaya and carrots can protect and detoxify your digestive organs, let's see how we can make this detox juice.


21 ounces(+/- 595 g) of papaya

14 ounces(+/- 396 g) of carrots

24 ounces(+/-700 L) of drinking water.

Slice the papaya and carrot into small pieces and add them together with some of the water to a blender and process. Once the mixture is smooth, turn off the blender and add the remaining water, blending it again. Your juice is ready.

Don't add any sugar or sweeteners. Keep the juice in the fridge. Drink your papaya and carrot detox juice during the day, in small portions. Do it for two days, but not consecutively. Do this detox once a week. Your digestive system will improve in a short period of time.

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