Let's Get Wealthy Together, Step By Step!

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My review and personnal experience with the amazing Wealth Step By Step opportunity!

Good morning and Happy Friday,

I hope this blog post finds you well and wishing you an amazing week-end!

I had a few people ask questions about the Wealth Step By Step program and I thought that it would be a good idea to share my answer with you.

Most likely you have the same questions, and if you are like me, you want to make sure a program works before jumping in! 

So, here's my personnal experience wit WSBS. And do I recommend it? 

ABSOLUTELY!! This platform, is working like a charm, we are in the early stages and we are growing like wild fire!!!! I Simply LOVE it!

Here goes:

I am really enjoying WSBS. Here’s my experience so far. I joined on August 24 and started promoting the day after. I got two referrals in August (so earned $20 commissions - fast start bonus - which was paid on September 8, in my PayPal account). I chose Paypal to get paid, as I'm in Canada and don't have many options that are available to the US, but keep in mind that there are other ways to get paid.
For September, so far, I enrolled 7 new members, and received two spillover from the upline’s rotator (so yes, it works as they say, and as time goes by and as the team grows, there will be more. We are still in the early stages.
I also have two of my team members that enrolled a total of three members. 
Spillover works! By joining my team, you have access to a Leader that has your success at heart, I work for my team members as I am a strong believer in "Team Works Makes the Dream Work". Those that I enrolled are spillover from me to some team members in my team! So, you would eventually get some spillover from me, and from those 13 members on the team! And others that will eventually be added!!
We are growing daily!

I am in line to earn $80 commissions (fast track bonuses as I am still in my first 30 days) and $40 (1o x $4) from everyone in my downline. So, a total of $88 so far, for September!! We get paid $4/monthly for everyone in our downline, whether we recruited them or not!

And remember, the $40/month, from ALL members on my team, is a recuring income that I will receive EVERY month, and this amount will keep growing as our team gets bigger and bigger!! I'm all for passive, monthly income! Yeah!!

 In a nutshell:

$10 Fast Start bonus for each direct referral then $4/month starting the 2nd month.
You get paid $4 - $5/month for EACH member in your downline no matter who refers to them!
Phase 1 - 3x4 @ $4.00 ea = $468/month
Phase 2 - 3x5 @ $4.00 ea = $1440/month
Phase 3 - 3x10 @ $5.00 ea = $442,845/month
See how a Huge, Active Team benefits you by getting you paid!
Spots are filling fast. Get on our Rotator right now. Because, yes, we have a rotator to help you with getting referrals!!

Hope this answers your questions and helps you make a well informed decision ?

Michelle Sormany 
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