Hi God....❤

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A self help book written by Nicole Crank

Hi God. I’m desperately overcommitted, super busy, and totally stressed out.

I know it’s my fault. I just keep saying yes to people, even when I don’t

really want to do what they’re asking me to do. Sometimes I think I just agree

because I’m afraid of the repercussions of saying no to people. What if they

don’t like me anymore? Or what if I get left out of things in the future?

I have to start seeing the value of what a simple no does for me—for my

peace, for my relationship with you, and for the future you’ve intended for me.

No can be a great word. It can keep me from wasting my time and energy.

I was created to please you, not people. I can’t be worried about what

everyone else wants me to be and still become what you, my Father God, created

me to be. You have been waiting for me to look to you for my next step.

When I have trouble saying no to people, I’ll think of it this way from now

on: It’s my opportunity to say yes to something better. It’s my chance to say yes

to you and what you have for me.

When I say no to opportunities that aren’t best for me, I’ve positioned myself

correctly—with time, money, and energy—to say yes to the blessings, situations,

and good that you have waiting for me.

I say yes to you and your blessings, God!