Hi.....GOD ?

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A self help book written by Nicole Crank

Hi God. When I hear about the crazy amazing things your Word promises to do

for me, I get excited … until I start thinking about me. I mean, I could never be

good enough to be the person you pick to bless … could I?

You’ve seen everything I’ve done, so you know what I’m not. You know

how I’ve messed up. I look around and see other people who seem so much

more together than I am.

But, if I look at history, it’s kind of funny how you never really picked those

perfect people to use.

Rahab was a prostitute, and you still picked her to save the Israelites and

be King David’s great-grandmother. She was in the bloodline of Jesus!

Peter cut off a guard’s ear during Jesus’ arrest and denied Christ three

times. But you chose him to be “the rock” on which the church was built.

You picked Sarah to be the mother of Isaac. She was a woman who

encouraged her husband to sleep with a mistress and then hated that

mistress and the child she bore.

You’ve picked a lot of imperfect people to use just because they were

willing. I don’t feel worthy enough to be used, chosen, called, healed, or blessed.

But I sure am willing!

Because you have plans to bless and prosper me, I won’t wait to be perfect. I

won’t stall until I can get it all together. I’m taking my life off “pause” today.

I’m willing to be used, God. Pick me!