Best Jobs For College Students

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Paying for college may sometimes be hard, so students may choose taking up some extra part-time jobs to solve this problem. Here are some popular positions that help young people pay for their college-related expenses.

Whether it's to pay rent, buy books or have money for a keg, working while in school provides much-needed cash flow. The best jobs for college students are flexible, fit your schedule and offer sweet employee perks.

For example, a job at a local coffee shop allows you to practice customer service skills and perfect your latte art techniques.

Writing Center Assistant

As a college student, you need to find a job that can fit into your busy schedule. While a part-time job can help you earn extra money, it is best to choose a job that is either related to your major or offers flexible scheduling options.

As the name implies, this position is a good choice for students who need to do writing-heavy work for their studies or those who enjoy providing paid or free essay help to other fellow students. This includes those who write research papers, book reviews and other types of academic writing. The assistant director may also have to do administrative tasks such as reviewing tutor applications and conducting interviews. This job is a pooled position and positions become available periodically.

Nanny or Babysitter

A nanny is more intimately involved in the daily lives of children, including establishing schedules and driving kids to activities. They may also perform household management tasks like grocery shopping and laundry.

College babysitters, on the other hand, have a lot more energy and oftentimes enjoy playing games with the kids they work for. They’re a great option for families who want their child care to be more fun.

Using specialized sites, students can find gigs in their community that fit into their available time. From scooping ice cream to helping out at a local business, these small jobs allow college students to earn money and build a track record of job experience.

Camp Counselor

A summer camp counselor is a fun job for college students that can help pay for school. Many people think that working at a summer camp is not a real job, or it's "glorified babysitting."

But actually, this is a great way for a student to develop valuable skills, including teamwork, communication, empathy and leadership. Also, since it's often a social environment (with meals served "buffet style" or family-style), it helps to improve face-to-face communication skills. These are transferable skills to the workplace, regardless of your major.

Security Officer

Security guards provide critical services that protect banks, retail stores, public transit platforms and other areas of high foot traffic. They offer reasonable salaries and depend on routine schedules.

College students who enjoy the challenge of a physically demanding job and a steady workload might find security jobs to be good fits. Security officers may also have opportunities to advance into law enforcement or governmental positions with experience and additional training.

While no degree is required for most security jobs, a bachelor's degree can enhance your credentials and open doors to other professional opportunities. For instance, a student who has earned an undergraduate degree in criminal justice could become an investigator for an insurance company or even work as a private detective.


Tutors give private instruction, typically working with one student at a time. Tutors can be college students who want to earn extra money, or teachers. They can also be people who specialize in a particular subject like providing dissertation abstract examples. Examples include writing tutors, music tutors, or math tutors.

Some tutors help students who are falling behind in school, but others find that high-achieving students need enrichment rather than remediation. A tutor can offer a fresh perspective on challenging subjects and boost student self-confidence by building on small classroom successes. This kind of tutoring can be done in person or online. It can be part-time or full-time.

Gym Attendant

You’ll build up your strength and endurance while you beef up your resume with this part-time job that gives you a positive work environment filled with healthy people who are often full of endorphins. Plus, gyms typically offer free or discounted workout equipment for employees and members.

Gym attendants oversee the front desk and customer service duties of fitness facilities, explains MyMajors. They must enforce policies and respond to any problems that arise. For example, if someone violates the no profanity policy, an attendant warns them and, if necessary, calls security or police.

A gym attendant may also lead group fitness classes or instruct individuals, requiring strong leadership skills.