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An opportunity to start your global business without any capital requirements


#webtalk is a affiliate-bssed #socialnetworking website headquartered in Florida, USA that pays 10% monthly royalty and affiliate commisions up to 5 levels deep.

As a #royalty payment, members are paid 10% of the website's ad sales revenue each month from Webtalk ads sold on their pages within the website as well as their referrals'.

Each member has his own home page (Profile page) which contains information about the member (About), content page (Timeline), photo page (Photos), video page (videos) and network pages (network) . Webtalk places its ads on users' pages just like other social networking sites do but, unlike other social media websites that don't pay you, Webtalk pays you 10% of its ad revenues generated from your pages as well as the pages of your referrals.

If you secure a Webtalk bonus, you get paid these 10% revenue share 5 levels deep. You get the bonus if you or your direct referral upgrades to any PRO package.

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